TAJIT Interpreter ID Badge


We’re excited to announce a meaningful step forward in visibility for professional court interpreters in Texas: hard, plastic ID badges that can be worn on any lanyard or ID clip (available separately at office supply stores). You’ll notice a difference right away in the recognition you get from courthouse security, attorneys, bailiffs, judges and clients. The QR code on the back is an instant way of sharing our website with anyone who has one of the many code scanner apps on their smartphones. 

If you’re a licensed or certified court interpreter, we’ll verify on the official government lists before producing your ID. If you’re not, please include documentation that you work as a court interpreter in your stated language(s), such as a letter from a recent employer or agency with contact information. If you prefer to use postal mail instead of email, the address for sending photos, checks, and any verification is: TAJIT, 1101 West 34th Street #780-181, Austin, Texas 78705.


By ordering this badge, you agree to only wear it while a current member in good standing of TAJIT, and to not represent it as a government-issued credential such as the LCI or Federally Certified Court Interpreter card. Please allow one month for processing and delivery.


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